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Our Beliefs

At Easy Delicacies, we believe that you should be able to enjoy good food in the comfort of your own home. That is why we are dedicated to offering our customers great tasting  dishes that are convenient and extremely easy to prepare – only 15 minutes and you’re ready to serve!

Having said that, we also believe that convenient food does not mean a compromise in quality. All our dishes are prepared using only natural ingredients and do not contain any preservatives or coloring. Furthermore, our products are packed in food grade retort pouches and foil boxes. These food grade pouches and boxes are high temperature resistant and are absolutely safe to be boiled and cooked according to our instructions without affecting the food contents

Taking it up another notch, our products also undergo heavy metal testing for food safety and are proven to be safe for consumption.
All of what we do is so that you can have a worry-free, convenient, and fantastic experience with Easy Delicacies!

在佳乡肴,我们实现您可以在家中舒适地享用美食的梦想。为此,我们特别为客户提供方便兼容易准备的美味佳肴 – 仅需15分钟即可食用!



Convenience at its best

Why Easy Delicacies?

Convenient & Easy

No hassle. 15 minutes and you’re ready to serve! Save time and energy!

Quality Comes First

We use natural ingredients only. No coloring and preservatives

Safe for Consumption

Food grade packing. Food safety heavy metal testing approved

Quick Delivery

Delivery within 3 working days to whole of West Malaysia


Our Happiest Customers

Signature braised pork – 10/10
Spare ribs in curry sauce – 10/10
Hakka yam abacus – 7/10 (maybe im not big fans of yam haha)
Hometown curry fishball 10/10

Overall based on the portion on what you advertise is what i had when i cooked! 👍🏻 super jeng. Good enough for me and my family.

Honestly all dishes is very 色香味齊全!The sauce for each pack also ngam ngam hou.

And most importantly, easy to prep! Love the prep way ler, honestly i kind of reject when the foods need to reheat using microwave! Not convenient. 😆
Ms P.
Happy Customer
Gotta say your dishes are a true saver when I need to throw a dinner for my parents & in-laws! They love every bit of it, and couldn’t believe all the foods were actually pre-cooked. (I gotta give extra credit to the spare ribs curry though, that’s my personal favourite!)

Definitely gonna give the rest of your menu a go and organize another round of “HAKKA Feast” 😬
Mr Leong
Happy Customer
We tried the spare ribs in curry sauce and herbal pepper pork belly soup for dinner tonight. They tasted so GOOD, especially the 猪肚汤! Price is reasonable considering 1 packet can feed all 4 of us. 😛 We took approx 15-20 mins to cook each dish.

All in all, i’m very impressed with how the food turned out given the short time spent to cook! 😂
Ms Lisa
Happy Customer
Yeah we ate everything already 😋 the portion is quite generous leh – we prepared 3 dishes and it was enough for 5 of us. Literally took 15 mins to prepare.. super convenient, especially now that we’re eating at home daily.

And the best part is the dishes taste homecooked!! 😬✌🏻
Ms Michelle
Happy Customer

Enjoy Free Delivery

We deliver to the Whole of West Malaysia
(Except islands that are only accessible by boat)

KL/Selangor: RM15 delivery charge, FOC delivery for orders above RM150
Other States: RM20 delivery charge, FOC delivery for orders above RM200